May God Bless you in your life together!

Celebrating your engagement and planning for marriage is an exciting time. Holy Matrimony in the Episcopal Church is a sacramental rite, a particular way in which God shares his love with us and blesses the commitment made in marriage. The bond of marriage is nourished and sustained through this gift of God’s love on your wedding day and throughout your life, as well as through the Christian community where you are an active participant.

The Wedding Service

All wedding ceremonies are based on The Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church. Holy Communion is highly recommended as part of the wedding ceremony as it reflects the unity and love of the wedding service.   Weddings may take place in the our large and beautiful sanctuary, the small in intimate St. Michael’s chapel or at other locations at the discretion of the officiating priest. Every wedding can and should have individual qualities that reflect the couple and their families.  The clergy will work with you to create a beautiful, meaningful and personal service.


Setting a Date and Time

Dates on our calendar are established on a first come, first serve basis. Please talk with the clergy to schedule a date and time for your wedding ceremony and rehearsal, before you make non-refundable arrangements with caterers, florists, reception locations, etc.

Pre- Marital Conferences

The couple will meet with the clergy four to five times for about an hour each time.  We will discuss the church’s understanding of Christian marriage and how marriage is a sacrament given to us by God to make our lives loving, holy and in sync with God’s loving plan for us.  There will also be discussion about the couple's relationship—its strong and vital aspects as well as where each person can learn and grow in their understanding of each other.  This counseling is confidential.

Prior Marriage

If either party has been divorced previously, consent for the anticipated marriage must be obtained from the Bishop of Western New York. The application for consent is made by the officiating priest. It is not a complicated or arduous process, and is kept confidential between the couple, priest and bishop.


St. James is blessed with a magnificent pipe organ as well as a Steinway piano in our sanctuary.  The wedding couple may also choose to have vocal or instrumental soloists take part in the wedding service.  More information about our music program.