Join us!

We are located at 405 East Main Street in the heart of the city of Batavia.  We have ample parking!  

For handicap friendly access: Park in the lot on the east side of the building and use the grey ramp to enter the building.

Parking is located in the east lot, in our west lot (shared with Turner's Funeral Home) and behind the Parish Hall.

Scroll down to find out what you can expect at our service.

Map to St. James

What can I expect when I come to a service?

Worship is the core of our life together.

We gather on Sundays as well as at other times during the week for our worship service.  We pray together, for ourselves, each other, people we love, strangers and people who may hate us. We pray for all of God’s Children. Our worship is centered on the Holy Eucharist (you may know it as the Mass, Lord's Supper or Holy Communion). 

“Eucharist” means “Thanksgiving”. 

We give thanks to our loving God who created, redeems and sustains us.

Our Liturgy: It’s ancient, it’s beautiful, it’s meaningful, and sometimes hard to follow. The beauty and spiritual richness of liturgical worship can unfold over time, like a flower opening from a bud. Receive and enjoy what you can, participate as you are able. Above all, stick with it. The benefits are boundless! The word “liturgy” means “work of the people”. It is our work together in praise of God.

Dress:  Be comfortable.  Bring out your "Sunday Best" or come casual.  The clergy, Eucharistic ministers, acolytes and choir wear special robes with ancient symbolism.

Singing and Speaking: We use a full text service leaflet to help you participate in our service. Please participate by singing and saying the parts in the service printed in bold. The hymns can be found in our Hymnal (the blue book in your pew.) 


You’ll find two books in your pew:

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP)  and the Hymnal. The BCP or Prayer Book contains our worship services, the Psalms and many other helpful resources. The Hymnal contains the hymns we sing. Your bulletin will tell you which book and page number to use.

God loves a cheerful voice! Sing out! We are all blessed by your voice!

Children and Worship: Bring them! Let them wiggle, let them wonder, let them ask questions. Studies show that children who worship with their family are more likely to stay active in faith life in adulthood. It’s a gift of a lifetime of love that you give your children when you bring them to church. We have a nursery for infants and school-aged children are invited to Sunday School, which starts at 10 a.m. and goes up to the Peace, but all children are welcome in the service.

Children make noise. That is perfectly ok! It is a joyful sound that enlivens us all.

Our Sunday morning worship is organized into two parts.  The first part (The Liturgy of the Word) contains hymns, prayers and readings from the scriptures, and a sermon.  The second part (The Liturgy of the Eucharist) is when we participate in the Great Thanksgiving and receive Holy Communion.  For more information about the Holy Eucharist, please click here.

Everyone is welcome to receive Holy Communion.

All of God’s people are welcome to receive Communion at our service of Holy Eucharist. Prior to the pandemic, we received in two kinds, the bread—the Body of Christ and the wine-the Blood of Christ. Currently, we receive in one kind, the bread - the Body of Christ.   If you don’t want to receive Communion cross your hands over your chest and the priest will give you a blessing.  Please join us in this sacrament of unity, reconciliation and renewal!