Upcoming Events

                    All are Welcome!

  • Red Cross blood drive:  monday, april 10th: 1:00- 6:00 PM

    The Blood Drive will be held in the Sanctuary. Download the Blood Donor App, visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 1-800 - RED CROSS to schedule your appointment today!

    Maximize your blood donation. Help more patients. If you are an eligible type O, B- or A- donor, consider make a Power Red donation. Reb blood cells are the most commonly transfused blood component.

  • St Mark's Le Roy hosts "Community for understanding" book discussion

      Community for Understanding

    - Watch - Think - Discuss

    Life is complex. How do we respond? How can we respond?
    Where do we see hope? Let’s try to work it out as we consider some big issues together.
    All welcome
    —the only requirement is to read the book.

    Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 pm

    Click here for full schedule


    St. Mark’s Church * 1 East Main St., LeRoy

    ww w.stmarksleroy.org    585.768.7200         @stmarksleroy Questions? stmarksleroy@gmail.com

  • Social Respite Program

    2nd Monday of Every Month

    from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.

    Are you currently living with dementia or do you provide care in your home for a loved one with a memory impairment?  This free program offers social companionship, meaningful activities and active engagement in a safe space so care partners have an opportunity to socialize and tend to their own healthcare needs.  If you are interested in helping with this ministry please contact Diana Leiker at the number below.

    Pre-registration is required:  Call Diana Leiker at (585) 343-6802.